Property Taxes

Lease holders in Improvement District No. 9 pay an annual municipal property tax levied on the assessed property value. A municipal assessment is conducted annually. There are three components to municipal taxes: municipal, education, seniors. The municipal component is used by I.D. No. 9 to provide municipal services for the enjoyment and benefit of local residents. The education portion goes to the Provincial Government for the funding of education. The senior’s portion goes towards senior’s housing in the area.

Municipal Tax Revenues & Services

ID9 municipal revenues fund municipal buildings, services, and ongoing maintenance: fire rescue, enhanced policing, public transit, leisure programs, educational opportunities, playfields, library services, economic development, seniors housing and more. The costs of delivering these services at a level determined by Council form each year’s budget.

Tax notices are sent by the end of June.

If you would like your tax notice or assessment sent to a different address, please contact us immediately.

NEW – Based on feedback we have received, we will also be sending Tax Notices by email to those businesses who request it.  To have your Tax Notice (not your assessment) sent by email, please email us at by May 31st with the correct email address along with all corresponding Roll Numbers. 

If no confirmation is received, you will not receive your Tax Notice via email.  Please note: this information is also located on the back of your assessment.

Tax Accounts & Complaints

To file a written complaint with the Assessment Review Board, follow this link for instructions:

For tax account inquiries and requests for tax certificates please click on the button below:

Property Assessments

Bow Valley Property Valuators has been contracted to conduct ID9’s property assessments, which are done annually.

For questions about your property assessment please click on the button below:

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